About Us

We specialise in Rolls Royce and Bentley

In 1948, Hermon Horsfield, farmer and part time musician established a small business selling motor cars.
The early post war years were hard times, but there was a steadily growing demand of people wanting to own their own vehicles. Finding cars to sell was difficult, but by refurbishing the pre-war models, Hermon was able to reasonable living.

In later years, classic and vintage vehicles became more valuable. It became possible to run a small team of dedicated craftsmen to restore these rare and beautiful models to higher and higher standards. In certain cases, a vehicle’s coachwork had been removed or had past the point of economic repair and H.Horsfield, using the traditional techniques learned from long experience, began to produce all new coachwork designs tailored to a customer’s request.

Modern times, mass production and disposable products allow the world to turn faster, but often skills are forgotten in the process. By retaining these traditional skills H.Horsfield and Son has flourished, and continues to offer these services of the highest standard at affordable prices.

If you have a vehicle in need of renovation, call Horsfields for a friendly discussion on any aspect small or large. All work is pre-quoted, and as with all family businesses, our name rests on our workmanship.